Three Ridges Overlook in Fall

This is my latest work created in my Northern Virginia studio. It is a familiar scene – Three Ridges.  This was painted from a photo taken in the Fall from the overlook at the top of Devil’s Knob.  I “enhanced” the fall color a bit.  I also included the fence, something I didn’t used to do but now that I’m practicing more man made objects I’ve been including it.  This painting is 16 x 12 Oil on canvas.
Three Ridges Overlook in Fall

I’m also working on a larger version of my earlier painting of Three Ridges in Cloud in my mountain studio.  I want to replace the picture over the fireplace in the mountain house and it needs something big. It’s interesting redoing something that you’ve done before.  The original impressionists did it all the time. I really like the first one I did so I want this one to be just as good.  There’s no doubt it will be different. It is 48×24, so it will be my largest painting.  It will be a while before it’s done, but I will post it when it is.  Below is the first one I did (36×18) which I covered in an earlier post.
Three Ridges in Cloud

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