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At shows, I sometimes have people ask me if they can buy my work online at a later time. I’ve also had distant friends ask if they can buy my art online. For a while I had a link to an Etsy store, but keeping it up to date was a chore. I’ve decided I need to have an online retail store, so I’ve built one. In some ways this terrifies me, because it feels like I’m opening a big can of worms.

When I started doing shows I signed up for a Square account so I could take credit cards. It has many other handy features like calculating and tracking sales tax, which is required at most shows. It’s worked very well for me.

My site is built using WordPress, and there is a plugin suite called WooCommerce that links your Square account with WordPress to allow online sales. I think I’ve got that set up. So, as of today, we are open for business. I have only put a subset of my available paintings in the shop. I will try to keep adding them to keep it fresh. I’ve also indicated that people should ask about availability if there is something that they like that’s not in the shop.

Right now I’ve limited my sales to the US. I may add Canada if it goes well. We shall see!

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