One Dozen Butterflies!

I need your help! The call for art for the next Trillium Gallery show is coming up soon. We are hoping that this show gets good traffic. It will hang during The Nature Foundations annual Wildflower Symposium. It will also be up during the Wintergreen Music Festival in July. I wanted to include something nature oriented, so I decided on butterflies.

I have this frame that it long and thin that I bought because I always need long thin frames for landscapes. This particular frame came with a mat cut for three 5×7 photos. I thought what I could do was put three small butterfly paintings in the frame together. Here is a photo of the frame.

With that thought in mind I started painting butterflies, and I painted a dozen of them. I played with different techniques. Most are watercolor and ink. Some fill the page and others do not. Some have spatter, a technique common in watercolor, but I’m just starting to experiment with it. I want to include the three best, and then I will turn the rest into cards and will try to sell them.

Here’s where my readers come in. Please vote for your three favorite butterflies from the 12 I have posted below (they are numbered). I’m very curious to hear your likes and dislikes for my learning process. You can vote and provide feedback in the blog comments if that works for you. I will also post on Facebook and Instagram, so you can vote in the comments there. And you can also send me an email if you’d like. I will share the results if I get enough feedback. I think this will be fun! Thanks!

1. Monarch
2. Monarch
3. Monarch
4. Black Swallowtail
5. Yellow Swallowtail
6. Monarch
7. Monarch
8. Yellow Swallowtail
9. Monarch
10. Monarch
11. Monarch
12. Viceroy

Update: And the winners are 2, 6 and 8. Thanks to everyone who voted!